Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Pics Download

Camping in the Playroom!

Carl, the notorious story teller, entertaining the kids.

Washing the street's abandoned puppies. Thankfully someone else was taking care of them.

CJ loving my Ipod.

Nothing like jammin' out to music in your diaper.
I think he should have been curious george. He's sure gotten the look down.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is it Halloween yet?!?

We are already excited, can you tell? We got the kids costumes at a consignment sale last night. So of course we had to try them on to get excited.

Let's go swimming...

We were practicing at the kitchen sink

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Cousins' Last Day

Aw, how sweet!

...Maybe Not?!?

The Attack!

The well-needed bubbles in the park after Stake conference...and naps of course. By the way these bubble sticks/wands are the bomb, and they are .50 at Walmart!!

Super bubble bath time. We turned on the jets, so the bubbles were to the top of the tub. You will notice that CJ is in no other bath time photos. Apparently, that many bubbles is very scary. It is true though, some one (CJ) could poop, and no one would ever know. :)

Robbie, King of the Bubbles!

The Mess Makers

All the kids all ready for bed. Of course this picture is after several minutes of jumping on the bed. Aubrie and Robbie, we sure will miss you guys!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun With Cousins

Robbie (3) and Aubrie (5) have been with us since Wednesday, and we have been having a blast. The only the that has been killer is Mabel has been sick. She has literally thrown up over 30 times on every square inch of our house, bless her heart. I drove 2 hours to go see her vet that knows her to see what was the matter. I left at 6 back around 2, and still more vomiting. Also, Mabel can't even hold down water let alone food, and if you know Mabel, you know something is up if she won't eat. Anyway, we took her to a local vet to get put of fluids b/c she is so dehyrated, and she will be staying the weekend. We miss her dearly, so please keep her in your prayers. Here is me bringing all 4 kids to the vet by myself. (Carl went to the BYU v Tulane game...he owes me big time :).

Then after getting depressed about missing Mabel, we decided to go to the zoo...After we went to a consignment sale that was on our way home from the vet. It was 50% day, so how could you not stop for that?

This Tiger was so cool. It was pacing right up next to the glass. I am sure he was debating which kid would have been the tastiest. He sure liked CJ, so I am glad for the glass.Kangaroo Country at the zoo has a mine where the kids can go mining. Doesn't CJ look cute!
KWho wouldn't want these guys working at your mine?

I have about 20 pictures like these. It was like this at every exhibit....So Cute!

And then, there was the petting zoo, or shall I say, "kid heaven".

Aubrie wanted to get her picture taken with every animal. I think we have like 10 other pics that look just like this but with a pig, goose, lama, baby goat, etc.
Now, this is boy heaven.

Seriously, boys and their tractors.

That is supposed to be a lion face.

Again, another lion face.

She was actually growling at me. That's a true lion.

Then, after the zoo, we invited all the girls whose husband were at the BYU game to come over to have homemade pizza. Then, after pizza, icecream, and then after icecream, our new toy...