Friday, September 30, 2011

Taking After Good Ole Mom and Dad...

If you don't know, Carl and I love playing soccer. We both are currently on intramural soccer teams at BYU. Recently, EmmaJane and CJ have started soccer, and they are on the same team. They are so competitive...especially with each other. I love watching them play soccer. My favorite is when CJ gets the ball, he is in a zone. He is pretty good at dribbling but not the best at going toward the goal. He will just start going in any random direction. He'll even keep going like 20 feet out of bounds until the referee takes the ball away from him. It is so cute! I seriously love it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On a happier note...

Isn't there a rule that for every negative you have to say like 10 positive to make up for it? This is my attempt. Well, today, I really focused on that b/c it has been a little (lot) hard with Carl gone...and June sick...and me now sick...and all 3 kids getting up at multiple times last night...and CJ waking everyone up at 6am. Not the best way to start the day, but it ended up being a great day.
1. He just randomly started talking about "comets" today. I was like "how do you know about comets? Where did you here that word?" And he said, "From the aliens." To which I remembered in "YOU CAN'T EAT A PRINCESS" (the funniest book ever about aliens who capture a princesses dad to eat him, but she goes to the planet to get him back, and then they want to now eat her, and in the end, she introduces them to chocolate and they realize that they don't need to eat people b/c they have chocolate) had it in there.
2. That boy loves his sisters. His first thing when he wakes up is "where is EmmaJane?" And, he is so quick to defend her. It is so cute. And with baby June, when he goes to touch her, no matter how crazy he is acting, he slows down and will give her the softest kiss or touch I have ever seen.
3. He is so tender. Every night at bed, he asks me to give him a kiss, then we do nose kisses, and they we do eyelash kisses. And, I have to do that!
1. Man, that girl is responsible. For example, she got offered a piece of cake (like the grocery store kind with tons of frosting), took a bite, and later gave it back to me saying, "it has too much sugar in it." Are we related?
2. She is so smart. We are reading in the Book of Mormon, and one night EmmaJane just rattled off the pride cycle(that is not what she called it)...talking about how the nephites were good, then they got blessed, then they started to get bad, and the Lord would punish them, then they felt bad, would repent, get good again, and so forth. She really does get stuff that I don't think she could possibly get.
3. And, if you tell her something once, she will remember it forever...this one can be used against you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Worst Church Day Ever

Okay, so yesterday was by far the worst church with kids experience I have yet to have as a parent. We have 1pm church, and both my kids still take daily naps. They are just not nice when they don't, which explains a lot... During sacrament meeting (the big meeting with adults and kids) EmmaJane had to get taken out for being irreverent. This never happens or hasn't in atleast 2 years. While she is out. Cj is just plain awful--bouncing all over the place, being loud, making June cry. Meanwhile, June is fussy and I am trying to feed her a bottle, that she won't take, and try giving her her paci. By the way, this is when the Stake President who was visiting our ward was trying to speak on overcoming a death in the family, especially when you lose kids. So, deep stuff which was applicable since we had a 20 something girl die in our ward and other tragedies. Anyway, I finally decide to take CJ out because we are distracting everyone in a 15-20 ft diameter. When I tell him we are leaving, he screams "Nooooooo" and starts crying hysterically loud...which also makes June start to cry. He goes limp as I am trying to get him out of the meeting, so I have to literally pull him out of room...the whole time crying like crazy!

I get out and hand June to Carl. CJ was still screaming, so I took him to the bathroom to calm down. He is still screaming. I could not get him to calm down, so I could talk to him. I later found out that they could still hear him from their meeting. I decide to take him outside. He thinks he is really going to get in trouble, and decides to scream/cry even louder. Finally, after five minutes I get him to calm down. Now, I want to cry.

The meeting is over, and we go back in to get our stuff. I over hear some girls talk about how they wish people wouldn't bring their kids to church when they are crying. Me too! :) Everyone is giving me that look of "Man, you have your hands full." I love that look. :) Everyone heard him. I didn't loose my cool with CJ, but man I was embarassed. We had really disrupted the meeting.

I keep CJ with me, and we go to hear EmmaJane give the scripture for opening exercises at primary. After, I tell her to come with me b/c at this point Carl has to go to Salt Lake, to catch a plane to San Fransico to work at a conference this week for Intel, and the kids wanted to say goodbye one last time before he leaves. At this point, now EmmaJane starts balling VERY LOUDLY saying "I don't want daddy to go." Me neither sister! I quickly rush her out of room, then out of the building b/c she was uncontrollably crying very, very loudly.

At this point, I told Carl we are taking them home. We have disrupted every meeting thus far, and our kids just need a nap. And, they can say goodbye to him at home.

Man, was that rough. I still don't think I have emotionally recovered from that. Now June is sick. I waited to see a dr this morning for 2 1/2 hours--someone came in needing stitches and messed up the whole schedule. And, after the first hour of being there, all the kids had had it. I had had it too! :)

Now, everyone needs to take a nap to start the day over! Especially me since June woke up 6 times last night b/c she couldn't breathe, and then, the older kids woke up at 6:30am and woke her up. :) I think I am supposed to be learning patience. :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun with Firsts!

June tried her first bites of cereal! As you can see, she spit most of it out, but is getting better and better about eating it. Pretty crazy how big she is looking and acting these days!
My friend Rosanne teaches a fencing class and invited our kids to come try it out!
CJ was super excited to "sword-fight." After all, he is a pro at it on the wii!

Emma Jane officially learned how to ride a "two wheeler"! She is so excited. We practiced a little over the summer, but she just took off these past couple of days. She even road all the way to Aunt Anna's house a few blocks away all by herself! She is so proud of herself. It is so cute. She is so excited. She wants to ride her bike all the time! She talks about her bike riding plans for the next day as she is going to bed, and as soon as she wakes up, she gets ready to ride! This video cracks me up because CJ keeps getting in her way as she is riding. It is pretty funny.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scrub a dub dub...

Three little cuties in the tub. Out of laziness while carl was gone, I tried putting june in the bath with the other kiddies. They had a blast. It is so cute how much they adore her. It is like june is now officially a part of their club. It won't be long until June is running to catch up with them. It is crazy how fast they grow in that first 2 years of life. Somedays I wish they could stay little forever in their innocence, but that is usually when they are sleeping. :)