Sunday, November 30, 2008

Look at the House

We just finished most of the kitchen at our house. Click on the house picture on the right to see pictures!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Been Working on the House

Well, we are about 3 weeks away from moving into our house. The last month has been a whirlwind. It really has been crazy. All we do is work on the house, so we are excited to be done with be together again. I have had awful migraines for the past month, so I have been just surviving lately. That is why my blog has been so lacking lately. I apologize. Here are a few pictures what has been happening lately.
CJ is getting so big. He is so cute. He just got his first tooth this past week. He is just so dang sweet. I love this little man. He is in that stage where he grabs everything in his reach. It really is so cute. He loves to touch everything! And, he will roll all the way across the room to get what he wants.
This little missy is my helper. She loves to be helpful in anyway that she can. It is really cute. She also just learned how to say thank you and loves to say it anytime you give her something or help her. It is really cute. This is the day she went over to the house with Carl. He was trying to put this cabinet together, and she saw it as her jungle gym.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Me and my buddy

Mabel loves it when Aubrie comes to play with her. She takes her for walks, feeds her boxfuls of treats and never leaves her side until she has to go to bed. So, when Aubs went to sleep during last weekend's visit, we were talking at the table and Mabel snuck off. This is where we found them both.

By the way, huge thanks to Am-n-Ry (and Dave) for coming down to help with the house. May our backs rest in peace. I still need to take/post more pictures of their work, but some of them are up (click on the house pic to the side).

She makes me smile.

I light up every time I see this face (happy or sad). This is at the botanical gardens. It's free, beautiful, peaceful and smells really good. It's got a rose garden, japanese garden, bamboo forest, alabama forest and on and on. Such a great place for a walk.

My favorite place at the zoo...

I don't even love birds very much, but I could stay here all day (Court never lets me). CJ would reach out and try to grab them, get nipped at, cry for a second and then try to grab them again. A vicious cycle for sure, but it was so funny to watch.

Our little bulldog...

Of course the one on the left belongs to nana and grandpa, but we like kissing the one on the right more.