Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ride 'em Cowgirl!

Noccolula Falls

The second largest waterfall in Alabama (only by a few feet though). There were so many cool things about this park. The train ride, the roaming deer, the pioneer village, the covered bridge, the lion, the bunnies. Oh yeah, and the waterfall. The hike down there was brutal on a bum knee, but worth it. Makes me want to go back when it feels better.

The cow says...
This deer couldn't be put in a cage and didn't seem to mind strangers. One time it got to close too the lion's cage and the lion ran at it. Pretty cool.
Family Christmas photo??
Wes and EJ (as he calls her)
I love this pic of Court and the kids.

100 ft Noccoluula falls. It hs carved a huge cavern behind it. Great for pictures and hiking.

The House...

My family asked me to post pictures of the house. Two months ago. Here they finally are. After most of you have visited.
This is my latest project which I just finished today. Who knew a back door would make such a difference. This is the before and after. (as with all my other projects, the devil is in the details, so don't look too close.)
Ikea's kitchen genius. Waste no space. That wall is the back staircase.

Picture wall in the dining room, far wall (Court's Christmas present).

Picture wall, next to the table (also Court's Christmas present).

Upstairs attic is basically done. I need to add an air return, because the a/c vents are not doing their job. Fortunately the return is in the adjacent room so it shouldn't be too hard to connect.
More playroom. Emma Jane's favorite toy is that trampoline her Nana and Papa got her.
Going up the stairs. I will never go into the drywalling business. It is so hard to do right.
Still need to paint the ceiling, but other than that, the trimwork is done.
We put the dresser on the side of the closet we covered up. Makes the bed space so much nicer. The closets now have doors too.