Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama...

Although this will probably make Courtney sad, I want to document at least one of our lasts here in Birmingham (more so the South). I just got back from my last trip to Dothan and on the way back we passed a bunch of things I'll really miss. The South has been the best experience and I hope we make it back someday. Here's some pics from the trips and some of the things we'll miss about our home.
I'm glad I was in the news while I was here. I learned more about the state's history and cool places in a short period of time than I could have any other way. This state has more history than anybody could ever imagine.
The South is where Emma Jane learned to swim. And Nana's new pool is one of our favorite places to go swimming.
Lake Eufala: I can't say enough good things about this peaceful place and the Grantham's home there. So many good memories.
Nana's place was fun anytime, but we especially loved her guests, which usually included family.
Our kids have grown up so much in the South. I hope they take a piece of it with them.
We saw this sign on every trip to and from Dothan. We will miss the religious-minded South. It made people so friendly and easy to be around.
Don't figure I'll be seeing many of these in Utah. I'm going to miss the culture, the way they speak and hearing yes ma'am and yessir all the time.
I don't know what Court and I will do without a Jim n Nicks BarBQ. She'll miss the coconut creme pie. I'll miss the muffins. We'll both miss the spuds.
Is it wrong that so many of these pictures are of food? I could eat wings with original sauce from Things-n-Wings in Dothan every day and not get tired of it. And our kids may not ever be the same without those corn nuggets. Nana, I'm already researching a way to have them shipped.
The last thing we did in Dothan was the first thing I did when we got there. Eat at Mikata. My favorite Japanese steakhouse and best fried rice I have ever eaten.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

McWane Science Center's Birthday!

On our way to meet BOB THE BUILDER!

Oh, how the kids love Chick-fil-A

CJ was the most excited--especially when he got his hard hat!

Can you tell by the kids expressions that it was a little hot outside?

But, we were still excited to see Bob & were singing "Can we build it....Yes we can!" (Bob's theme song) But, CJ kept singing "Yes we can" over and over and over and over...

Then, we found the Chick-fil-A cow inside and CJ could not give this cow enough hugs!

Kid (and Dad) Heaven! I'll admit Carl went in there and tried to honk the horn.

While we were there, CJ was the Safari driver!

Where did CJ go? The hat was a little big, wouldn't you say?

And, it can't be a party without a Blow-up Slide, right?

...Later, I was putting the kids to bed. I tucked CJ in and was giving him a kiss goodnight, when he took my face in his hands, and starts whispering "I got to see Bob the Builder at the Science Center today. I love Bob the Builder. I love Bob the Builder." It was just to die for! He was just thinking of what an awesome day he had and was still so happy from it. Truly Priceless!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Proof that Emma Jane's a fish

Emma Jane has always liked the water, but we haven't been able to push her over the hump to learn how to swim. We signed her up for swim lessons, didn't work. Then a few weeks ago, we tried a different teacher who let her sink or swim. By the end of the first lesson she was swimming to the side. I was a proud poppa. She loves it. Sometimes she'll kick off and just float for fun. She has a problem remembering to use her hands but she's brave enough to swim anywhere. Also, her inspiration was Aubrie. She really wants to swim like Aubrie (she wants to do everything like Aubrie actually). So, I told her before her lesson you better learn how to swim before we go out for the reunion. Sure enough she did.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

Happy 4th of July!

Can You See CJ's new Haircut?

Miss Ma'am Who Likes to Dress Herself These Days

Got to See Uncle Brandon at the Beach! We love you & Miss you already!

Lesson Learned: Don't give CJ a bag of chocolate candy that you think he can't open.

Carl and the Kids' trip to THE MAN SHOW.

A swamp fire fighting truck, who doesn't need one of those, right?

Oh no, the love for motorcycles has begun.

Little Miss Firefighter


After church, Emma Jane found just the right accent for her outfit, swim goggles of course!

The kids all decked out back from a trip at Nana's after mom's girls camp.

Who doesn't love Lowes' Kid Workshops on Saturdays (especially since they are free)?

And, since they give a two year old a real hammer!

But, they have so much fun!