Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back from Orlando, FL-- Beware! Tons of pictures!

We got back from Orlando on Wednesday from a well-needed family vacation, but I left my camera in Dothan on our way back home. Thanks to mom for mailing it, so I could show you guys our trip.
Carl's babysitter growing up is a manager at Hollywood Studios. We met her there, and she got us into the parks on Friday and Saturday. She was so nice to show us around Hollywood Studios. She took us to the front of the lines and watched our kids, while we went on the Rock N' Rollin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Tower. She got us VIP seating at the live production of Beauty & the Beast, and then took us to go meet the cast. It was just awesome. The kids had so much fun. They were really in Heaven especially when they got to meet Mickey Mouse. On Monday and Tuesday, we went to Sea World and Universal Studios. Carl used is media card to get us free tickets. Here our some (a lot) of pictures & videos from our trip:
On Friday, we met Mary at Hollywood Studios:

We went on the 3-D Toy Story Ride at Hollywood Studios.

Mickey Mouse Club House Live at Hollywood Studios

This was Emma Jane's favorite. CJ and Emma Jane love Playhouse Disney in the mornings, and they were in heaven watching Mickey Mouse, Handy Mandy, Winnie the Pooh, and Little Einsteins live!

Then, on Friday Afternoon & Saturday Morning, we went to the Animal Kingdom:
The kids loved these figurines that were all over the place.

The Fam waiting for the awesome live show of Lion King.

The Lion King Celebration Live at Animal Kingdom (Emma Jane gets picked out of the audience)

Emma Jane & CJ loved the petting zoo at the Animal Kingdom
Then, Saturday afternoon and evening, we went to the Magic Kingdom:
Carl & Walt Disney

The highlight of the vacation--Meeting Mickey & Minnie. I think CJ gave Minnie a dozen kisses. He kept saying, "Wook, wook-Mickey."

CJ also had an eye for Sleeping Beauty
And a little for Cinderella too!

The kids dancing to music at the Magic Kingdom. The whole time we were there Emma Jane would tell CJ, "Your the prince, and I am the princess."

Then, On Monday we went to Sea World:

Feeding the Sea Lions at Sea World

We lived in San Diego when I was little, and we had season passes to Sea World. So, Sea World has a special place in our family's hearts because that was like our "science center". I even got to sit on Shamu when I was little. Its my favorite place. It still makes me want to secretly become a marine long as I never saw a shark. :)
Feeding the Dolphins at Sea World

Emma Jane on the Roller Coaster

She loved the Roller Coasters at all the parks. She even wanted to go on the big ones. Our little dare devil.
On Tuesday, we went to Universal Studios and went to Islands of Adventure for half the day before returning home. We had already packed the car up, so we couldn't get our stroller out. Needless to say, we were tuckered out on our way home. We forgot to bring our camera in to Islands of Adventure, but Emma Jane loved the Dr. Suess world.

Now we need another vacation just to recover!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

And, we're back!

Sorry for the absence. Migraines having been kicking my trash. Anyway, here is our favorite things of the past 6 weeks:

CHRISTMAS--My mom and dad were able to come up for Christmas. Carl had to work every day until the new year, so we were thrilled to be around family. It took us all day to open presents. The kids could have taken more time. They would open a gift, and be done. They wouldn't want to open any more. They would just want to play with the one they opened.


He went right to work. Apparently, the chair needed some work and just about everything else in the house.
EMMA JANE'S FAVORITE GIFT: Her ZU ZU Pet: She loves to mother everything, so CJ was excited about about not having two mothers for a little bit.
SEEING FUN UNCLE BRANDON-- The kids had so much fun seeing uncle Brandon. They keep asking me why he had to go back to school. They had so much fun playing with him while we were down in Dothan.

FIREWORKS: While we were down in Dothan for New Year's Eve, Nana and Papa introduced the kids to the wonderful world of fireworks. CJ, who was already obsessed with fire, is now even more obsessed. Thanks? Emma Jane had so much fun picking out the fireworks. This is the kids all decked out in our firework wear-pjs.
GOING TO VISIT THE JENSENS: We went to visit Carl's sister Amber this Monday-Wednesday, and we had a blast! Ryan is now the coolest person in CJ's eye's because he started a fire in their fireplace with one match. CJ was just in awe! We are so sad that they are moving to New Hampshire soon! It is always so much fun to hang out with you guys.

Well, that covers it! I promise to be a better blogger in 2010. :) I know you guys were just in such suspense waiting to hear from us.