Sunday, July 20, 2008


From the movie "BIG." This is at our new favorite hangout, The McWane Science Center. This is when they came on the Fourth. I think it's pretty cool how coordinated they are at times.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

First a few pictures...

Our Little CJ in the cutest Sunday suit his Nana got him.This is the blanket/quilt that I made for CJ. I finally finished it. That is the problem with starting a project in the middle of a move. It only took three months for me to do the final stitching.
Carl w/ the kiddies when we were down in Dothan.

Now, Here's a question to all you parents out there--Do you have any tips for picky eaters? Right now, Emma Jane only wants to eat hot dogs, bologne, cheese, scrambled eggs, bread, pancakes and mac and cheese. Any other meal that I make, no matter how good it is, she won't even try it. She has become so picky, and it is so frustrating...especially when you spend a lot of time preparing a meal. I don't want to starve her, but I don't want to start a bad habit by catering to whatever she wants. I can't start making a different meal for every kid. I don't want the kids to think that I am a short-order cook. Does any body have any good ideas how to get your kids to eat different food? The airplane trick just isn't cutting it. Please help.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun 4th of July Weekend

First off, Carl's sister, Amber, and their family came to visit this past weekend. Her husband just started the MBA program at UGA and will only be 3 hours away for the next year. We have already gone to visit them once, and we are so excited to do it again and again.

Second, on Saturday, we found the found the coolest place in Birmingham--the McWane Science Center. It was the best thing for kids--it had so many hands on things that kids could play with. It had two little cities made for kids 5 and under. It also had an IMAX theatre. It was the bomb. We could have stayed their all day, and we practically did. I now know where the kids and I will be living this summer. If you can't reach me at home, try there. And, if you are ever in Birmingham, you have to go! It is the coolest place ever!

Emma Jane on the slide at the McWane center.
EmmaJane shopping at the little grocery store at the McWane Center.

Amber and I caring for the wee babes while the big kids play at the McWane center.

Emma Jane feeling the love from her cousin Aubrie.

Saved the best for last--the two cutest babies ever. CJ and his cousin Hallie. CJ's got to gain some more weight because Hallie is a month younger than him and has got him beat!