Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Little Helper

My sister Brooke is awesome about having her kids help in the kitchen. She lets them cut vegetables, make sandwiches, etc. She is just really good about teaching her kids to be independent and help out. So, I finally invested in a good step stool for the kids, so they can access the sink and countertops easily to help out. So far, it has been a hit! Now, I just need my kids to stop playing in the sink and getting into the cupboards now that they can reach them!
My little helper with her cute apron her Aunt Amber made her for Christmas!
Emma Jane helping me with Banana Bread.
I measure. She pours and stirs.

An added perk of this stepstool is I can finally reach the top cupboards without having to climb on the countertops. It is not a pretty sight when you are 7 months prego! I am not that graceful! :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4 years ago...

Both my sisters and I were pregnant. In January, Lindsey had Brenna. In February, I had Emma Jane, and in April, Brooke had Bailey. 3 sisters who had 3 girls within four months of each other. Well, this year, it happened again, we are all pregnant, and we, again, are all having girls.

Lindsey, who's in Hawaii, just had this little cutie patootie this past weekend. Meet my new neice Layla. Layla is Lindsey's fourth girl! I am due the first week in May, and Brooke, who's in LA, is due the 2nd week of June. Brooke is having baby #5, and this is her fourth girl as well.
Lindsey, me and Brooke with our new babies back in '07.
At Baylie's blessing.
Baylie, Emma Jane, and Brenna. 3 girl cousins within 4 months of one another. This picture sure makes me so excited for the second round! I just wish I could be in Hawaii right now holding little Layla.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

EmmaJane's 4!!!

Emma Jane turned 4 today! That sounds old! I can't believe it! We are so lucky to have you in our family! Seriously, you make our home such a happy place! We love you! Here are 4 things you might not know about Emma Jane:
1. She loves to mother; she became a big sister at 14 months & has been Miss Helper ever since!
2. She LOVES little figurines! I mean loves! It doesn't matter what it is--a horse, a fish, a cow, whatever! Anything small--she loves!
3. She loves books. She will snuggle up next to anyone who is reading a book to her!
4. She is a climber. She has a gift. She loves to climb anything and is pretty impressive!
At her playgroup party!

This is what happens when your kids are sick the week before a holiday or birthday--you make too many decorations, and I didn't even show you the playroom or dining room!
We played pin-the-heart on cupids arrow, and I was pretty impressed with myself for drawing this. :)
At her party!
On her date with Grandma on Friday. She got to pick out a toy, go to the pet shop, and go out to eat. What a lucky girl!
Emma Jane got way to many gifts from all her family both near and far. Thanks so much! It is so fun to be loved and have such great family!
Emma Jane with her Tangled cake! She was so excited about the Tangled figurine on top. She didn't even eat 2 bites of her cake before she said, "I'm done. Can I go play with Tangled?"
And last, there was a big Haynie extended family gathering tonight that happened to be on her birthday, so we brought a cake. This time she picked out "Hello Kitty" since Aunt Anna had given her some tiny Hello Kitty stuffed animals that she fell in love with.

What a weak of being spoiled! Happy Birthday Emma Jane! We love you!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sick & Silly

This one was sick all week (like fever of 104 for 5 days), but now is better. This is her all decked out for church in her fancy shirt her Nana got for her.
This one got sick on Friday...just as Emma Jane was getting better.
We have rented lots of movies from the library.
And are sick of being inside for 2 weeks being quarantined from everyone!

But somehow, we have moments of goofiness and happiness that make it all a little easier!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Wonderful World of Dinosaurs

So, we are TOTALLY in a dinosaur phase at my house! Both kids love all things dinosaurs--especially CJ. My sister, Brooke, randomly got CJ a small stuffed dinosaur, and he has been carrying it around ever since! He requires that he sleeps with it at naptime and bedtime, and a lot of sadness occurs when we have misplaced it. It even has replaced his infamous "Aubie", his stuffed elephant, that he has been sleeping with for almost 2 years.
We have watched this movie, a classic from my own childhood, about half a dozen times. We have also watched a few of the poorly made sequels since there are like 20, but my kids have been loving them! They are always talking about "sharp tooth" and "little foot."
Then, we found this book at the library--Dinosaur Roar! We have read it so much that Emma Jane has it memorized and can read it to CJ. They even have started fighting over who gets to pick it as "their" book before naptime. I am pretty sure we have read it over 20 times, and we have only had it a week and a half. Gotta love those dinosaurs.