Thursday, January 27, 2011

While Daddy's Away...

we should play right? :) Carl is in Dallas doing the final interviews for an internship we hope he gets this summer. He is being spoiled--first class tickets, fancy hotel suites, and even fancier dinner parties! His pictures are disgusting! :) We are crossing our fingers that the interview goes well tomorrow! In the mean time, we went to CHUCK E CHEESE today! The kids have been wanting to go since August, so we had a special treat! They were in heaven.

I don't know if you can tell, but I gave CJ a long over-due hair cut today. We are growing it out, but I needed to trim the sides and back...he was kind of getting a mullet. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Treat of the Week...

was weather in the 30's! Woo Hoo! We have not seen our grass or our driveway since before Christmas. We were so excited to see the snow melting. The kids were so glad to go out and play for a little bit. With weather in the 20s, we haven't played much outside. Plus, the cold has been keeping us sick for the past two weeks, so this was a real TREAT! Sadly, it didn't last long. Last night the temperature dropped again, and snow began to fall. Thankfully, it did not stick, so we still can play on our grass!
Here's a little project I was having fun with this past week. I just sure hope we name her "June"!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Day!

There is something you need to know about EmmaJane--she is kind of a tom-boy. She loves t-shirts and sweatshirts. She always tells me, "Mom, you can pick out my clothes, as long as you don't pick out a skirt or a dress." :( Although I love my tom-boy, and I hope she stays that way all throughout her dating years, I am a little sad when she doesn't like painted nails or dress up or her pretty skirts & dresses I have hanging in her closet. But, thankfully, this past Saturday, she got invited to a PRINCESS PARTY. I wasn't sure if she would actually dress up for it, but she totally let me. She even let me put those sponge curlers in her hair the night before, so she could have "princess hair."

Since she is my only girl and not into dress up, this was our make-shift "fairy-princess."
She was prancing around all morning.
I was just eating it up!
Then, that night, Carl and I had an MBA Winter Formal. After trying on my "formal dresses" and thinking that everyone didn't need to see every curve on my body, I had to go to Ross to find something that fit my 5 months prego body. It was a lot of fun to dress up and go out! We haven't done that in a while.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

CJ's New Career Goals

So, last night, CJ was a little funny before I put him to bed. I was cleaning up their room, and he found this goose finger puppet. He put it on his finger, & in his best "duck voice" as he calls it said, "I'm a paleontologist." Really, a PALEONTOLOGIST. First, I had to use spell check to even get that word spelled right! And, second, where did my 2 year old learn that word?!? Then, I realized that after "Dinosaur Train", his favorite show, the paleontologist comes on to review the stuff they learned that day. I made him do it again tonight, so Carl (and You) could hear it:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Swimming & Snowmobiling

Happy New Year to all! I love that today was 1-1-11, so neat ! This week has been so fun week having Carl home...minus being so sick and not wanting to do anything:). But, I will be so sad when we go back to reality again on Tuesday. We are so lucky to have such a fun dad & husband!

This week we got a pretty wicked, and I mean nasty, snow storm. We have had a foot of snow before, but this time it didn't go away. And, then, all the roads turned to ice because it kept getting colder, and colder, and colder, and it is still getting colder. Our street still has a couple of inches of ice. Carl wants to ice skate on our street. Needless to say, I have not been out much this week. So...
We made one of these...notice CJ finally succumbing to the candy that I had been trying so hard to have it not eat while we were making it.

Then, on Thursday, I was ready to go here! After being sick and so cold all week, this just sounded so fun. There were three slide areas. This was the medium one. There was a 3 story tube slide too. It was a blast!
Emma Jane & CJ were so happy to be swimming again. Emma Jane just couldn't stop swimming...even when she would be in a foot and a half of water, she was determined to get all her swimming in.

Then, today, we went to Roosevelt, UT (2 1/2 hours up into the mountains) to visit an aunt and uncle who were leaving to go on a mission to Russia.
The kids loved seeing all the animals.

Their favorite part was this cat. Why do my kids love cats so much?
The snowmobiling was Carl's favorite part, minus the fact that it was negative 2 degrees. And on our way home, our car read that it was negative 5 degrees outside. It is no wonder that my feet felt frozen even with the heater on high. This Bama girl just isn't used to that kind of cold!