Saturday, April 25, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

This is Brooks, the boy I hope Emma Jane marries (she's dating a sunbeam, we're terrible parents). He is a little older than her , but sweet as the day is long. They held hands half the time we were at the zoo. It was cute. His dad and I had a play date (this is Carl posting by the way) at the zoo since we can't go to the relief society play dates.
The goats like CJ! And he likes them. I was washing Emma Jane's hands at the petting zoo, and when I turn around this is what I saw. CJ was loving it, hugging them while they ate the snacks surrounding him.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our New Beach

My lastest find at this weekend's garage sale, my kid's treasure. For under $6, a little bit of beach has come to our home. Seriously, Emma Jane is in heaven, and CJ thinks its pretty cool too.

Oh, the joy!

Someone's trash was definitely our treasure. If only I would have arrived at the garage sale 5 minutes earlier, and I would have gotten the best swing set-- on with two towers, 4 swings, a see-saw, a climbing wall, two slides-- for $150. So, sad. Dang you lady who got there 5 minutes before me...but that is another post. Maybe next time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The belated Easter Post

Okay, so Easter Weekend: My parents were supposed to come up to see Wicked with us, but my mom's knee got infected (post knee surgery). Very, very, very sad. We were so sad that they couldn't come up.
Anyway, they, very graciously, gave their tickets to Amber and Ryan, Carl's sister and husband who live in Athens, GA. They were thrilled, to say the least, and came down Easter weekend. So, so much fun. Wicked was simply amazing...sorry, mom and dad. And, Easter was so much fun with cousins. Emma Jane had so much fun with her cousins. It was very sad to see them go. Here are some pictures.
Finding the Baskets for the Easter Egg Hunt.

And the race begins!

Robbie and Emma Jane finding an egg.

Emma Jane with all her eggs.

The Classic Easter Picture before church.

We tried to take pictures after church, but Emma Jane and Robbie had other plans.
They just chased each other. They sure did love this straw. There was a lot of rolling in it and throwing it at each other. They had a blast.

CJ was okay with our plan...Notice Emma Jane running off in the distance.
CJ all tuckered out from all those pictures!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday CJ

We started the day with a song and presents from his Aunt Lindsay. He was beyond giddy, as you can see from the pictures.
After his favorite breakfast of german pancakes we played with his birthday present from Nana and Papa. He was loving it.

Followed by...

(there is actually blanket under his head, it wasn't sliding on the ground; and although he doesn't seem to be enjoying it, he would cry every time I stopped)

Then we went to storytime at the library.
Which is where he found his circle of happiness. He would go from side to side to side playing with every toy for 10 seconds. He was in heaven. We love our library. They have a wall of pets too, that Emma Jane spends all her time at.
After he had played with everything ten times we went to our neighborhood friendly Walmart and each family member got a buck to buy him a present. He couldn't have been happier. Emma Jane couldn't have been jealouser (yes i know it's not a word). So, we bought her a toy too.
Lunchtime! CJ's favorite place to eat is Sam's Club. He got the meal in the middle. He can eat almost the whole big hot dog by himself.
And of course ice cream for dessert.
After a good nap he was geared up for friends to come over in the evening for cake and another song.
He was a little timid at first, but he finally dug in.
This was the result.
He just sat there in that chill position for a full minute. He was exhausted and went right to bed (after a bath).

Happy First Birthday CJ! We are so grateful you chose to come to our family. You have been so much fun.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A weekend in Dothan

We went down to down for Conference weekend. It was tons of fun--very challenging to get the kids to sit through one talk, but very fun. Nana and Papa's is always a blast. The kids have so much fun there. They are always so sad to leave. The whole way home Emma Jane was crying, saying, "Nana and Papa's home." She even tried to coax us into going back there so she could go potty. Saying, "Potty, Nana and Papa's potty." She sure does love it there.

Carl holding the little Turtle he found in the pool. We named him "Dude." We took him back to Birmingham. He lasted until Tuesday. Emma Jane was so sad to let him go, but it was a must. Trust me. He has a better home at the pet shop than our home. Little "Dude" would have been constantly poked and prodded. It was for the best...or at least it was for the best for me.

Emma Jane lovin' on CJ. She is always doing stuff like this. Now, CJ can hold his own a little more. He can wrestle back.

Cute litte CJ who will be 1 years old tomorrow!

CJ got to open all of his birthday presents while he was at Nana and Papas. This is his new chair.

Emma Jane is always in heaven while she is at Nana and Papa's. She has the greatest time. It makes it always so sad to leave.