Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We're Alive w/ Pictures Galore!

The kids got a bunkbed! Woo hoo! Now if only we could stop them from coming into our bed!

We went a Children's museum and they had lifesize lincoln logs! I wish I got a better picture of the house they built!
Carl took all the kids to see this waterfall! So gorgeous!
CJ on the trail to the waterfall.
Emma Jane, the hulk, in front of the waterfall on the trail.
CJ was in heaven when we saw this at the zoo. Its head moves and it makes noises. AWESOME!
Emma Jane and the Lions at the zoo.
The kids at the petting zoo!
The kids at the beach! Carl had been DYING to go even with an hour drive!

Now Pics of June:
Look at that cutie pie!
She is smiling!
And she loves bath time!
Sorry, turn your head!
Look at that cute smile!
All smiles...atleast for 10 minutes after she eats...and 10 minutes after she wakes up...sometimes. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Portland for the Summer

Carl got an internship at Intel this summer in Portland, OR. Friday Carl drove with the kids (and Mabel) with our van jammed pack and towing his car...which was also jammed pack. The hitch was less than 6 inches off the ground. We prayed all through their travels that the car wouldn't break down or blow a tire. Thankfully, by straight up Grace, they got to Portland safely. I stayed to finish cleaning the house and packing up the last minute items and flew on Saturday with June. June does not do well in the car. When I say she doesn't do well, I mean that she screams most of the time. Anyway, they picked me up in the airport and we crammed me, June, my 2 suitcases, and our double stroller in the van. (No one had room to put their feet down except Carl & the stroller had to be tied to the bike rack on the trunk of Carl's car). I wish someone could have recorded us at the airport. Imagine the van with a roof bag on top, towing a car w/ a bike rack picking us up at the airport. Then, it took us about 20 minutes to rearrange things to fit us all...this is all at curbside pick up.
When we got to our apartment, we unloaded everything. We couldn't find an apartment here that would rent for 3 months that was furnished, so as soon as we got here, we have been buying things on craigslist.
We bought this brown microsuede couch: $50. Black Faux Leather Glider and ottoman: $15. Dining Room Table and Chairs: $100. Coffee Table: $5
Desk: $15, Chair: $5, TV table: $5

Tonight we bought a bed and mattress for $80 b/c we were having to re-blow it up multiple times a night. I guess it couldn't handle Carl and I's weight, plus us getting up several times a night to take care of June and to put EJ and CJ back in their bedroom. Tomorrow we are picking up a bunk bed for EJ and CJ. Hopefully, that will stop them from coming into our bed...I doubt it.
And, I couldn't not post a picture of June. She still pretty hard to figure out, but she is still pretty cute. She just started smiling a lot more which is so fun. She is finally fitting in her 0-3 months clothes and grew out of the newborn diapers.

It has been quite the journey this past weekend. The hardest transition has been going from a house to an apartment. The kids love to play outside and they are a lot more confined in the apartment. It has been pretty cold and wet ever since we got here. The kids are going a little stir crazy, and I am not so great getting out with all 3 kids since June is still pretty crabby. But, I will get better at it with practice and hopefully we will get to explore the area this week!