Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun In LA with the McCoys

We just got back late last night from LA. Carl had a job Conference there, so we went along too to visit my sister and her four kids! I drove there by myself and met Carl down there. Thankfully he drove back with me! We miss you guys already! We had a blast.
Oh, the fun of cousins! Baylie and my kids were the best of friends! It was so cute!
At the Zoo with all the cousins, waiting for the Bird show wishing we could bring food in there!
Emma Jane, the baby lover, was OBSESSED with Paisley! Paisley got a little too much lovin' from Emma Jane. She might have been a little glad to see her go. :)
Baylie, Emma Jane, and CJ had so much fun together. They loved running around the backyard together. They were best buds.

Good ole Nintendo Wii. We had all had a blast playing a dance competition game and the Disney Karaoke game. So fun. Not to mention watching CJ sword fight was pretty funny too! It was pretty cute to watch everyone!
Adventuring out to the mall with the kids. Always glad for the mall playground area!Having our first taste of PINKBERRY yogurt at the mall. So so yummy! It is a good thing we don't have one in Utah!
My fun sister Brooke. Thanks for the fun and the laughs.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun With Nana

Nana came to visit us Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, and we had a blast! We told the kids they had a surprise visitor coming, and Emma Jane was so excited. She kept asking every 5 minutes who it was and was begging for us to tell her b/c she was so excited. When the car pulled up, she ran outside, saw that it was Nana, came running back inside saying, "It's Nana! It's Nana!" She was so, so happy to see her dear Nana.

The kids are just so super happy whenever they are with Nana. They just love her so much, and they LOVE how much she plays with them. This is the kids having a grand time playing at IKEA!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Fun of Today

Before my soccer game, we went to the park to kill some time and to work on Emma Jane's climbing skills. Man, she's good.

CJ, the less adventurous climber...who eases my fears. It is nice to have ONE cautious climber in the family.

Emma Jane LOVES these things. She likes that they are kind of "tricky". I think she feels like she defeated it or conquered it.

These kids were so cute while mom was playing. They had a blast with dad. (sorry it is kind of blurry.) They were really getting into playing soccer. It was so cute.

CJ showing off his MAD soccer skills. "See, I can even dribble with my hand behind my back." :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

We love you Grandpa!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!
We love You!
We miss you & hope you have a great day full of lobster and relaxation!
Here are some of our many attempts to sing you "Happy Birthday." This is like 3 of 20 videos. We wish we could sing it in person, but this will have to do!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fun With Cousins

Yesterday we (me & Anna, Carl's sister, & the kiddies) went to this awesome park by our house.
CJ and Beck swinging away!

A little tired from all the running around, but don't worry, he was up and running in a jiffy.

Can you believe how high she is? And, she got down all by herself. I was quite impressed. She wanted to go higher, but I didn't have my insurance card on me. :)

Best Buds-- Emma Jane loves her Bricky!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Visit from Avery

Our dear friends--Courtney, Judd, and Avery--were in town today, and we had so much fun hanging out with them! Avery is Emma Jane and CJ's best friend. They really were so excited to see her!
At the BYU Creamery, the kids were "All Cheers" for ICECREAM!

There's always room for 3 on a seesaw, right?

And, Emma Jane the Climber. Man does she love to climb things.

Did I mention we have 2 horses a block and a half away from our house?

And, we have now learned the art of feeding the horses. They love apples and carrots. The horses belong to someone in our church, so we usually make a visit every other day.

And we just had to take Avery there! After all, who doesn't love horses! I know I do!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Week of Fun in Pictures

Have I mentioned this kitty that lives next door to us? Or have I mentioned that Emma Jane was OBSESSED with cats for the past year, so finding out that a kitty lives next door is heaven? Or, that Emma Jane asks every 5 minutes if she can hold this kitty? Or, have I told you how we have meltdowns when we have to leave the kitty or can't hold the kitty...which usually results to long talks and time outs away from the kitty?

And, this little man follows whatever that one is...and yes, the kitty is in the house. And, no the dogs did not like it. :)

Then, I got this really cool pass called the "ALL PASS" that lets you into tons of fun things--Trafalga, Orem Owls Minor League Baseball, The Utah Flash Minor League Basketball, and 7 Peaks-an amazing water park. It was a steal, and I am so excited about it. This was our visit this week to Trafalga that had tons of rides. We were the only ones there for like 30 minutes, so one of the attendants just followed us around. It was awesome!
Yeah, that would describe Emma Jane. My thrill seeker holding her hands up.

CJ who is OBSESSED with airplanes and talks everyday about how is going to ride on a airplane LOVED this ride. I think he rode it like 4 times.

We love our Carousels.

CJ still gets a little nervous of them. Go figure.

Oh, yes, it had a ROLLER COASTER. It was way fast!

And, good old bumper boats that have water guns. We can't wait to take Carl there when he has a break from school.

On Saturday, we started tiling our bathrooms b/c CJ is going to be potty training soon, and we had carpet all around the toilets and everywhere. Poor Carl looks so sad in that picture. I promise he does enjoy doing this. :)
So, while Daddy tiled, I went to the grocery store, and to kick off BYU's first game, they were having a huge bash with a band and tons of freebies. The kids were very excited to have a balloon.
But, THE TRAIN, was the best part. Of course they had a train at the grocery store. And, yes, this became my kids new favorite grocery store. We still love you PUBLIX! :)

Carl (and I), deserving a well-needed break from school & tiling, went to the BYU game vs Washington.

We had a blast with Carl's sister Anna and Jeff and baby Bowen. We were so glad BYU won! **Funny Story, while we were there, they posted on the screen the score for the Alabama game, and posted it as Alabama losing to San Jose 3-28. I was freaking out--knowing I should have worn my BAMA shirt to the game. I was so sad. After much texting, my mom calmed my fears, and let me know it was a mistake. GO BAMA!
Carl and I on our way home from the game on Anna & Jeff's scooter!

Picking up the kids at Aunt Eva's. Thanks for babysitting all the kids. And, thanks Sandra for the creative movie watching boxes.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

An Inspiring Story

I am not one that recommends movies often, but this was a must. Tonight, after the kids went to bed, we rented the movie, Invictus. I had not heard any raving reviews, but man was it amazing. I don't think I have watched something that inspiring in a long time. Nelson Mandela was a true visionary man. One who believed in forgiveness and hope. The movie was centered around a poem that Mandela read often in jail to encourage him. The video below is the poem. The movie talks a lot about how Mandela was in a small cell for 30 years and how he rose above it, forgave his oppressors, and changed a nation! What an inspiring tale of forgiveness, love and hope. I hope you will take the time to watch it. It really was a soul touching movie.

Invictus - Poem That Inspired A Nation