Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Latest Projects

The Haynie bread maker's would be so pleased. It's not an 8 grain or anything but baby steps. It was actually delicious. I was very surprised.
This is my little wall mural that I made. I tried to do it with the kids' hands, but they were not very cooperative.
Anyway, I will post more pictures of the kids soon. Our computer is having issues. Or shall I say HP erased everything off our computer, but that is another story when wounds have healed. :) As for now, HP and I are not on talking terms.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tons o' Photos

We went hiking with my zoo buddy at a local nature center.
She chased the geese to try and "pet" the gooslings. Momma goose didn't like it. So she reared and hissed and Emma Jane came waddling back.
This is at the "I love Homewood Day" parade. That's why we live here. What other town would have an appreciation day for themselves with a parade. Emma Jane loved it. She's waving to the firemen.
CJ watching the band stroll by...
Courtney and my favorite float.

Tons o' Video