Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday's Easter Egg Hunt

Well, Carl was out of town this week, and I think I had to get a babysitter every night while he was gone. I had 3 intramural soccer games. We made it to the semifinals, but lost in a shoot out...but atleast I got my pk in! And, We had a Easter Egg hunt on Saturday. The Easter Bunny had to come on Sunday, and CJ's birthday was also on Sunday. And, I had a huge Service Clothing Drive that I was helping with while he was gone. Let's just say that we survived, and I am glad that he is back! Here are some cute pics from the Easter Egg Hunt.
June with her treasures. I think she sat here for like 10 minutes just playing with them...
and trying to eat them!
EmmaJane racked up!
And so did CJ!
The kids going through their loot!
June still playing with her basket!
Cj loved opening all the eggs!
Then, of course, our Easter Pinata. It has kind of become a tradition.
Who doesn't love to whack something with a bat!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Catching up...emmajane turned 5 on Feb 13!

Well, I figured it was time to upload some pictures. My camera broke, and I am not good at uploading pics from my phone. But here are the pics from emmajane's birthday and party. And a big thing she got for her birthday is to start gymnastics, so I included a pic of that too! I can't believe she is 5. She is so old and wise, and I am so grateful for her to be in our family. She teaches me so much and always makes me want to be a better mom. She helps me see how pure kids really naturally christlike they are. She is my little helper. She thinks she is the 2nd mom, and she is probably right. She is very mature and has a memory like an elephant. She remembers everything. I am always shocked by how good here memory is. We love her so much and can't wait to see this beautiful daughter of our Heavenly Father grow up. I know He is so proud of her and so are we.