Sunday, March 30, 2008

Family Easter Pictures

Well, I think it is tradtion to do some family pictures on Easter so here they are:Cute little Miss Emma Jane in her Easter outfit. Thanks Nana!

Our little growing family. My huge belly not so little.

Me and little Miss Emma Jane. Fun. Fun.


b w e said...

def some cuties there. court, i'm afraid she's gonna have you beat. we'll have to introduce carl to the gun over the door set once she gets older. or if we live closer you could just make threats like : you better be in early, because uncle brandon might severely injure the boy , so come home early just to make sure.

clegger said...

darling Easter dress on Emma Jane. Court--you look so great! Carl looks very handsome too. Tell him congrats on the Fox News job. That is so exciting. Keep the updates comin'!