Monday, April 21, 2008

Emma Jane's Growing Up

Emma Jane was having so much fun touching the ceiling. It was so cute. She really has grown up so much in the past month. She no longer looks like a baby. She is starting to look like a little girl. She also is getting so much more independent. Now that she is walking and running, it has been so much fun watching her explore and discover everything. Oh how fun to be 14 months!!
Well, when you have a one year old who just doesn't want to eat their dinner, but you don't want to send them to bed on an empty stomach, what do you turn to? Go-Gurt saves the day! Although, it does look like green slime, I am sure there is some nutritional value in there, right? You can definitely tell that Nana is in town. :)
This is Emma Jane's new chair. She loves it. She just loves to sit in it, kick back, watch some "signing time", drink some milk, and relax. She thinks she is such a big girl. It is so cute. Also, she did have pig tails, but one had already been pulled out. That was our first attempt at pig tails.
I just had to post this b/c I love this outfit on her. My goal this year is to dress as good as Emma Jane...but first I need to get back in shape.
This just shows Emma Jane in action. I really think she learned how to run as soon as we came home from the hospital. She is just so fast these days. It is fun to see her roam around.


Cleslie said...

It looks like Emma co-stared on Ghostbusters got slimed :)

can we have one of your kids?

Heather said...

They are both soo cute!

Lindsey said...

Those are the cutest! Emma Jane does look so much older! So happy and I love the pigtails, and her in her new chair. So pretty.

Crazy Lady said...

i'm so glad you have a blog. this is so much fun. i feel like I'm getting to know your kids better.

and you have the cutest kids.

Courtney said...

Brooke- I do like blogs. I really do hope that this helps us all stay close and to see each other's kids grow up...even if we live on the other side of the country. Plus, I think that it is really weird that I have kids--that I have more than one kid. I still haven't gotten used to saying that I have one kid, let alone two! I guess that's all part of growing up.

kasie said...

hey this is nathans sister kasie. i just wanted to say congrats! he is so cute!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness - Emma Jane is just precious!!! I can't believe how big she is getting!