Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I know you were worried...

So, I know that I have been awful at blogging for the past month, but I can explain. First of all we moved to Birmingham. Second of all, we had a baby being blessed. Third, we have started working on our house, and that is a full-time job. There is a lot of ugly in that house, and we are trying to beat it out of it. And, fourth, and the main reason for the delay is that my wireless card on my computer stopped working, so I did not have internet. I know you were all probably very worried thinking that we had died. I am happy to say that we have not and we are back blogging again. Other than that, Birmingham is great. It is so beautiful. It is so green here. I also did not know that Alabama had so many hills. It is so fun. I will have post pictures soon because it is just gorgeous. I have already found the essentials in my neighborhood--a Sams Club, a Target, a Wal-Mart, a Home Depot, a Lowes, a TJ-Maxx, a Ross, and a Jim N Nicks (a barbeque restaurant that has the best bbq and coconut cream pie you have ever had in your life!). I also have gotten lost several times as well...which is really fun to do for an hour with two screaming kids. You should try it some times. Also, CJ has changed so much. He is the cutest kid ever. He is so easy to make smile. He coohs and goos at you whenever you talk to him. It is just adorable. Emma Jane still loves him. She thinks it is hilarious to take of his socks. She also like to take birp cloths and wipe his face in case there is any spit up. She just loves to give him kisses, and he is so good with putting up with all of her "lovin". He is just a happy, this just confirms that child #3 is going to be the devil. After two sweet children that sleep so well, I have it coming for me.
Also, Happy Father's Day to Carl who is the best dad ever. Our kids are so lucky to have a dad who always wants to play with them. And, I am so lucky to have a husband who is always willing to help. For Father's day, I cut my hair short for Carl. He's been wanting me to do it for a while. So, here are some pics of the past few weeks.
Me and CJ (Don't you just want to squeeze him?)
CJ with his Uncle Curtis' glasses.
Miss Messy's favorite meal! Yummy!
Best Buddies...At least for now!


Nathan said...

Hey~ LOVE your hair and the cute adorable picts of CJ and Emma Jane. They are the cutest ever. I cannot wait to see them. B-ham sounds great and I am dying for some good barbeque. I am very jealous!

AJordan said...

Thanks for posting court. keep posting pictures of that little man, we can't get enough of him. cute hair!

ajensen said...

he really is straight off a 70's show with those sideburns :) He is SOOOOO adorable. I think my favorite part of you guys coming this weekend was my cutest little niece Emma Jane. she is just so loveable. Do you need visitors for the 4th of July????

Courtney said...

Amber, we ALWAYS need visitors. We would love it~