Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun 4th of July Weekend

First off, Carl's sister, Amber, and their family came to visit this past weekend. Her husband just started the MBA program at UGA and will only be 3 hours away for the next year. We have already gone to visit them once, and we are so excited to do it again and again.

Second, on Saturday, we found the found the coolest place in Birmingham--the McWane Science Center. It was the best thing for kids--it had so many hands on things that kids could play with. It had two little cities made for kids 5 and under. It also had an IMAX theatre. It was the bomb. We could have stayed their all day, and we practically did. I now know where the kids and I will be living this summer. If you can't reach me at home, try there. And, if you are ever in Birmingham, you have to go! It is the coolest place ever!

Emma Jane on the slide at the McWane center.
EmmaJane shopping at the little grocery store at the McWane Center.

Amber and I caring for the wee babes while the big kids play at the McWane center.

Emma Jane feeling the love from her cousin Aubrie.

Saved the best for last--the two cutest babies ever. CJ and his cousin Hallie. CJ's got to gain some more weight because Hallie is a month younger than him and has got him beat!


Crazy Lady said...

THOSE ARE THE CUTEST PICTURES. And emmajane and baylie sure look related to me. that is great amber is so close. we'll see you in three weeks!

Anonymous said...

That science center looked so much fun! Is it far away? Darling pics! xoxomom

3406 LeBron Rd. said...

It is about 10 minutes away.

ajensen said...

love it..ill have to steal some pics

Ryan Jensen said...

Thanks for posting the pics!

Seriously, we had a great time with you guys and you were incredible hosts. Carl, thanks for the hookup to the museum and for giving us the tour of your sweet job. Also, thanks for sharing all your Coke on ice with me! :) Courtney, your cooking was amazing. The "Cowboy" cookies warm out of the oven, the steak & potatoes dinner, the biscuits and gravy was all amazing!

Thanks for the good times C&C!

PS - By the way, if anyone is thinking about relocating to is gorgeous!

Lindsey said...

Those ARE the cutest pictures! Court, you look stinking so skinny! And the pictures of Emma Jane are just soo darling with her big smiles. And the babies!! I was dying. So cute. They totally look alike too. Wow, sounds like you cooked a ton. I am impressed!

kasie said...

emma is so cute! i love her hair. i think cj looks like ambers baby

AJordan said...

I tried to pick up cj and hallie out of the picture but it didn't work. that smile is just AUGGGGH! I WANT TO HOLD HIM! He is so cute. And Hallie is ginormous. That was my first thought and my second was she looks just like amber. :) (Just from amber's baby pictures) Sounds like we missed a FUN weekend.

Anonymous said...

Anna, I hope amber doesn't read that comment. reads... First, i thought she looks ginormous. second, she looks like amber.

Amber, i don't think you look ginormous. i don't know what the next step down is from there, but that's what i think you look like.