Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Difference Between Guys and Girls

We recently welcomed a new addition to the family (yes, vans have feelings, too) and the experience really highlighted the difference between guys and girls for me. I'm pretty sure it went something like this when we got to the dealership:

Courtney: I can't believe I'm shopping for a mini van! My chic days of riding in a sporty suv are over. I don't want to be a soccer mom yet:(
Carl: Man, think of all the space. Do you realize how many tools and building supplies I could fit in here. Not to mention, I could probably fit a whole basketball team in here for pickup games at church. Just...plain...awesome!
Then we realize the one we're looking at is the XLE Limited, Toyota Sienna's top of the line.
Courtney: Wow! This thing is fully loaded! Leather seats... I like. Okay, so maybe I COULD get used to a minivan.
Carl: Oh, crap. It's the expensive one. Yeah, I saw your eyes sparkle salesman. You try one move and I walk. Don't think I won't.
Of course, before we can even step in the car the features start exploding at us like fireworks on the fourth of July, the salesman, very carefully pointing each one out and the advantage it would give us. This is where the difference really started to set in.
Courtney: Oooh! The side mirror blinks when your turning, and they automatically dim when someone shines their brights.
Carl: Oh, boy here we go. How much do those cost to replace?! I'll bet a hundred bucks a pop, minimum.
Sensors for backing up...
Courtney: Perfect! I'll never hit anything ever again!
Carl: Is that a dent next to it?? Dumb things probably don't even work. There's another hundred bucks. I can already hear the mastercard commercial cueing: 'labor costs: $155... parts:$236...wife's happiness: priceless, no wait, make that $391 plus tax.' And we're not even in the dumb vehicle yet. Oh boy...
Built in window shades that roll up and attach at the top.
Courtney: I wouldn't have even thought of that! That's perfect for the kids in carseats on trips.
Carl: Window shades!?! Are you kidding!?? Completely unnecessary. I give 'em two weeks before the kids rip 'em off. $100...cha ching.
DVD Player and Flipdown screen.
Courtney: The perfect addition for the perfect trip:)
Carl: Yeah, right. I wonder how many quarters Emma Jane can fit in that little slot before I have to replace it. And I hate listening to a movie I can't even watch (signing time songs begin dancing through my head at this point...).
Heated seats.
Courtney: And I thought they couldn't do any better. This is better than coconut cream pie from Jim n' Nicks.
Carl: Please!?! The epitome of pointless! It doesn't even get cold enough here for seat warmers. There goes the kids (see link). I hate this van.
Oh yeah, and upgraded JBL sound system, complete with built in subwoofer in rear and midrange speakers in the dash.
Courtney: But... why?
Carl: Now that's what I'm talking about!!! Where do I sign.

Courtney and I always end up on the same page, but the book always reads way different to get there. We're both really happy we got the van. And we got a killer deal on it (yeah, that's right salesman!), so I listened to signing time the whole way home, in surround sound. So this is bliss!


Lindsey said...

I am so glad you posted a pic of your van. That was so nice taking that to Mobile!! I just posted a ton of picts from our trip. I saved the ones EJ & CJ for you to post. There were some cute ones. Brenna has been asking for EmmaJane all day. Miss ya! I love your van.

Anonymous said...

Loved the conversation... your van is the bomb! We can't believe you got such a good deal. Miss you all! xoxomomanddad

Kira =] said...

I LOVE having a van!! Glad to see you got a sweet deal. The JBL w/ sub would've been the deal maker for Ben & I as well. =]

Courtney said...

I do love the extra space and all the fun features. It was just one of those--I can't believe I am getting a mini van at 23--moments. But, I am a mom with two kids and hope to have more, so it was inevitable! It was sad to say goodbye to the Rav 4, but this will be so much better on road trips!

Wade, Nicole, Nora, Audrey said...

Awesome Van...maybe I could come around too! I hear Sienna is the BEST!! Have fun you guys!!

kasie said...

dang that is a nice van

Heather said...

Sweet van! It makes it even sweeter when you get a good deal.

Missy said...

Hey girl!! I came across your blog and thought I'd say cute!

ajensen said...

that was the greatest post ive read in along time!!!! love it! so true.

uncle bobo said...

i forgot to tell you that i think that this was the coolest ever. i think this was awesome. serious, such a awesome deal. man this was the best trade ever. you guys i like this more than mom and dads suv. i don't know anyone with one this nice. good shot. serious.

Lisa said...

I LOVE the van. You two must just sit around laughing all day long!! thanks for the insight.