Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well, my mom and I went and saw this movie last weekend, and we really liked it. It reminded me a lot of the movie "The Man from Snowy River"--which I also really liked. Does anyone remember that movie? That was one of the classics in our family. That and 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Anyway, it has beautiful horses in this movie and is just a great love story. You should check it out.

Also, we are one week away from moving into our house! Isn't that awesome and crazy at the same time? I have been sick and haven't started packing. Fun Fun. It is going to be one of those crazy weeks.


Lindsey said...

I REALLY want to see that movie!! How fun. I wish we could be in Bama with you and Whoo hoo about your house!! 1 week away!

uncle bobo said...

court you don't know about any dances in birmingham the next two weeks do you?xoxo