Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Sorry for the absence from the blog, still learning how to compress pics for the blog from Carl's new camera.  I will update more later, but thought I'd let you know that Carl went and bought this snake without telling me.  The kids love it of course.  They go outside as soon as they wake up to play with the snake and are constantly out there holding it(I don't let them keep it inside). I've been surprised a couple of times.  Not fun!   It has been a hit with all their friends and cousins though.  I'll post more from my brother's wedding soon.


Courtney said...

That was not me Carl! I would have told the story much differently of your deceptive snake tale! I will have to set the story straight soon.

Eli and Carolyn said...

Wow. Can't believe that story! A snake!? Creepy! You are nice to even keep it. Not surprised the kids love it though. You're a good mom!