Thursday, October 2, 2008

Zoo Mania this Week

Okay, so I went a little crazy at the zoo this week. First off, I got a zoo pass. Woo Hoo! Love the passes. The zoo is like 15 minutes away, and it will be less than 10 minutes away when we move into our house. Double Woo Hoo!! And, Second, I went to the zoo twice this week. The first time was with an awesome ward playgroup and I repeat an awesome playgroup. (Sadly, I did not take the camera with us). The second visit was with Carl and Nana. My mom came up for a few days. So, so fun. If I died, Emma Jane probably wouldn't care too much if she could have her Nana. That is how much she loves her Nana. She is attached at my mom's hip the whole time she is here. Thanks mom for coming up.
Also, crazy the zoo, we were looking at a monkey enclosure. Anyway, Emma Jane had her face up against the glass. Well, all of the sudden, this monkey swings off from a branch about 6 ft away, and lands right in Emma Jane's face and starts showing its teeth, growling at Emma Jane. It was crazy! Its face and Emma Jane face were both touching the glass. That monkey would have eaten Emma Jane alive! It was crazy. Seriously, I think the monkey had rage problems because it did it twice. I was so grateful for the glass...because mama hen would have had to take care of that monkey and I think the monkey might have won that fight.
Emma Jane looking at the Sea Lions. She loved watching them perform.

Carl trying to get Emma Jane to like the birds in the aviary. They would land on her, and she would get so scared. She would try to push them off of her.

Carl loving on the birds in the aviary.

Carl and Emma Jane mining at the Jem mine at the zoo.

Emma Jane and I petting a goat at the petting zoo.


Camille said...

Courtney my dear how are you? I found you off another friend's blog! You have the cutest kids. I'm glad you got to go back to the south!

Lindsey said...

That sounds so fun having Nana there and that is awesome you guys had a great time at the zoo--except for crazy monkey. Miss you!