Sunday, November 16, 2008

Me and my buddy

Mabel loves it when Aubrie comes to play with her. She takes her for walks, feeds her boxfuls of treats and never leaves her side until she has to go to bed. So, when Aubs went to sleep during last weekend's visit, we were talking at the table and Mabel snuck off. This is where we found them both.

By the way, huge thanks to Am-n-Ry (and Dave) for coming down to help with the house. May our backs rest in peace. I still need to take/post more pictures of their work, but some of them are up (click on the house pic to the side).

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Lindsey said...

That is really cute. Way to go on getting your house done. I looked at the pictures. It is so NICE!! We are always so impressed with your work. Dallas misses Mabel too. Whenever she is crying and I make her think of something funny. She ALWAYS says she thinks of Mabel licking her nose and that makes her laugh. What a special dog ya have. We miss you guys!