Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Been Working on the House

Well, we are about 3 weeks away from moving into our house. The last month has been a whirlwind. It really has been crazy. All we do is work on the house, so we are excited to be done with be together again. I have had awful migraines for the past month, so I have been just surviving lately. That is why my blog has been so lacking lately. I apologize. Here are a few pictures what has been happening lately.
CJ is getting so big. He is so cute. He just got his first tooth this past week. He is just so dang sweet. I love this little man. He is in that stage where he grabs everything in his reach. It really is so cute. He loves to touch everything! And, he will roll all the way across the room to get what he wants.
This little missy is my helper. She loves to be helpful in anyway that she can. It is really cute. She also just learned how to say thank you and loves to say it anytime you give her something or help her. It is really cute. This is the day she went over to the house with Carl. He was trying to put this cabinet together, and she saw it as her jungle gym.

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Nancy said...

CJ looks so old! And darling! Emma Jane is so cute looking out of the cabinets. I miss them and can't wait to see them again!!!