Friday, January 30, 2009

Laughing through the Poop

Okay, so a few weeks ago, I couldn't sleep because I got this idea for a book in my head:

"Laughing through the Poop"--Trying to laugh (not cry) through your child's icky messes. 365 days of icky stories that can help you laugh through any sticky situation.

I hate to admit it, but we all like to hear people's funny, messy kid stories. I just love them because they make me laugh. They also make me feel normal. It is nice to hear that so many other people have such awesome stories. It makes me feel like saying, "Okay, my child is not the only one who was curious and touched their poop and spread the poop all over her crib" or "I wasn't the only one whose child put a crayon in the dishwasher and all the dishes came out green."

I would love to compose a book of stories like these with quotes that make us laugh and encourage us to hang in there. I just want to let mothers know that kids will be kids, and you just have to laugh through the messes.

If you have a memorable story that still makes you laugh (or cry), please email it to me at The story can be about any crazy mess your kids made! Please email me your contact information in case I need to email you a waiver.

Just a fun idea I wanted to pursue. I will keep you updated along the process. Also, I need tons of stories, so please send me your top 3 favorite stories. You can copy them off your blogs. Also, let any of your friends know if you think they have some good stories.


Heather said...

Now that's a book I would read, and I don't even have kids.

Crazy Lady said...

okay, so i need to go back and check my blog for ideas.

have you heard from anyone else?

thought of another way to do could say, whats the crazy thing your kids have done this week?...cause my memory is so short, this week is sometimes all i got.