Thursday, January 8, 2009

That Dang Poop Again

Okay, so I promise to post pictures soon. I just have a really funny story. So today, we went up to Atlanta and met Carl's sisters, Amber and Anna, and their kids at the Georgia Aquarium. We left at like 9:30 am. We had just gotten on the road, and it smelled like one of the kids had just pooped which I was not too happy about since we had just changed their diapers 5 minutes ago. I had Carl smell them, and no poopies. About 3 times on the way on our 2 hour journey, I asked Carl to check for poopies, and no poopies. I was beginning to think that Carl just had bad gas.

Anyway, while we were at the aquarium I had to go back to the car to get the baby bjorn. The car smelled AWFUL. I did a quick search in the car, and all I found was an old bottle that didn't smell that bad.

Well, after we went to the aquarium, we went to IKEA to return yet another thing they had messed up on (a whole other story). When we got in the car, the smell was even worse. We both were dying. I was like someone needs to clean out this van and wash the carpets as soon as we got home b/c this cars smells FUNKY!

Anyway, when we got to IKEA, we had gotten all the kids out and were headed for the entrance when Carl asked me to get something from his seat. As I was searching for it, I found a Wal-Mart bag with lots of wadded up paper towels. INSTANTLY, I knew what was in the bag. Yesterday, Mabel, our dog, had pooped all in the house (which she never does, seriously never). Anyway, I had cleaned it up with paper towels and stuck everything, including the poop, in a white plastic Wal-Mart bag. We had been driving around all day with tons of our dog's poop in the car! That is where that awful smell had been coming from.

But how did this get in our car you might ask? I had put the bag outside by the front door. It was raining, so I was going to put it in the big trash cans in the morning. Well, in the morning, as we were loading up the van, Carl remembers Emma Jane carrying around the bag, probably as if it were her purse I'm sure. Anyway, Carl says she was in the front seat playing as we were loading up the car and must have taken her poop bag with her.
We had a good laugh, and left the poop bag at IKEA. Take that IKEA for all the times of horrible customer service!! Hee Hee! Just kidding, we didn't stick it in the store, we just put it in a trash can outside the store.


Heather said...

That is too funny!

Nancy said...

Very entertaining! Can't imagine driving for 2 hours with that smell : )

Nicole said...

That's great!!! you gotta love kids!

Lindsey said...

ha ha. that is so funny! the best part was that Emma Jane brought it in the car. love your stories. i heard that aquarium is awesome.

Crazy Lady said...

you should have hidden it in the store. under a couch cushion...or in a bookshelf.

you have great stories. i'm quite impressed

Crazy Lady said...

you might be the queen of crap just like me :)