Sunday, August 22, 2010

Utah...Our New Home

I know it has been a long time since I last posted, and I dearly apologize. We moved end of July, and at the first of August, we had a family reunion out here. And between getting settled, visiting family, and Carl starting school, we have been a bit busy. Although we dearly miss Alabama, we have settled in nicely here in Utah. We love our new home that we are renting, and we continue to pray that our home in Birmingham sells soon!
There is a lot to catch up on, and lots of pics to post. I will post more this week, but as part of our Haynie Family Reunion, we got to take some new family pics! I hope you enjoy!
What started as two...
and grew to four!
The Haynie Family ( 7 kids and their 14 kids)
The Proud Grandparents of 14 grandchildren
Four Generations of Carl's (CJ is a nickname)
Carl Stephen Haynie IV
Pretty Miss Emma Jane


christy said...

Welcome to Utah!

Lindsey said...

Beautiful Pictures! How fun. I miss you guys!!

Nancy Jo said...

Loved the pictures! Who was your photographer? What a great family!

Crazy Lady said...

love the pictures. courtney i love your hair. you are such a good blonde. love cj's faux hair and emmajane's braids.

John and Lauren said...

Emma Jane and CJ are so pretty! (Sorry CJ ... I mean 'handsome' for you!) Anyways, I hope you are getting settled into Utah. I know Birmingham misses you guys!! And I love that picture of all the 14 grandkids. THAT is so AWESOME!!! Y'all are so blessed to have a big family like that!