Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween Birthday Carl!

Halloween is always fun... and challenging b/c Carl's birthday is on actual Halloween. This year was awesome though because everybody Trick-or-Treated the night before--which was cold and rainy but o well, we wanted some candy. The kids had a blast trick-or-treating...CJ became a little beggar-child towards the end, which is always fun. :) All in all, the kids got quite a loot of candy which I have hid and now rationed to one piece of candy a day. Surprisingly, they haven't fought me about that, which is always nice.
My little kitty and dragon.

Us at Carl's School Halloween party.

CJ and EmmaJane checking out there loot as soon as we walk in the door from trick-or-treating.

CJ all dressed in his Sunday duds with his glow in the light gun. (Brooke, do you recognize Luke's old suit? It fits CJ like a glove! So cute.)
After church, CJ, as James Bond, and Emma Jane as "Flower girl".
This sadly was the best picture I got from Carl's birthday celebration. Happy 28th Birthday Carl! You keep getting better and better with every year! :)


brandon said...

cute photos! ej looks like a cute cat, and cj's costume looks expensive. they are cute, cj is real cute in suit. thanks

Lindsey said...

Love the pictures!! The kids looked dang cute! Your hair looks like it is getting long--super cute! Love the church pictures too. Hopefully Carl had a happy birthday!!

Nancy Jo said...

Loved the Halloween pictures! Emma Jane and CJ are darling. Court you look great! Hope Carl had a terrific birthday!

rozanny said...

Fun! And Happy Bday Carl!

Carl said...

I had an awesome birthday thanks to Courtney.