Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fun with Nana & Gpa!

Nana and Gpa came to visit Friday, and boy were the kids excited. They went up to my mom's parent's house in Bountiful last night, and we came up there for Sunday dinner. We were crossing our fingers the whole time b/c CJ and EmmaJane were the only kids there, and my grandma's house is not so kid-friendly. CJ, who is going through a really fun "I don't like to eat food" stage, was the last to get his dessert after his dad made sure he ate all is dinner. Thankfully, no one pulled the tablecloth off or spilled too much food on the floor.
Nana cooked her famous Sunday roast and Gpa had even had coaxed her into throwing in some sweet peppers along with it! It was so yummy, and it still reminded me of home!
CJ and EmmaJane feeling the Christmas spirit!
CJ was excited to see the foot of snow at Nana Dalton's( what the kids now call Gma Dalton). He even got stuck. It is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. We hope to go sledding with the kids!

(on driving home from Bountiful, this was a funny conversation)
CJ: Mom, honk!
EmmaJane: CJ, we only do that in tunnels or people think we're mean.

She went on to tell CJ how we don't want to be mean and such, but it was pretty funny how quick she responded to CJ and how "matter-of-fact" she was. I had casually mentioned this the other day, but she had now become quite the expert!


brand said...

So cute thanks!

Lindsey said...

LOVE their little Christmas outfits!! Too cute!! Love EmmaJane's comment about honking! So mature! I can tell she is your daughter:)

Courtney said...

oh my goodness I miss you guys!