Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little/Big Messes

I know this is a horrible picture, but I saw this at the grocery store. I thought it really put things in perspective. I am constantly cleaning up messes multiple times throughout the day. What mom doesn't? But, I loved this because soon there won't be as many messes to clean up and what a sad day that will be.

I have been reading several books by Richard and Linda Eyre. They are amazing authors with such great insight into parenting. They talk a lot about the prime of parenting and how it is a short period of time, and by the time you have got it a little bit figured out, your kids are out of the house. 18 years is all you got. They talk about how up to age 11, kids pretty much still easily listen to their parents and like being with them. What precious time that is!

But for some reason it is so easy to get busy. It is so hard to enjoy the little moments. It is hard to stop and smell the roses when there is laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, messes to clean up, etc. And how precious and sweet and innocent these little ones are...most of the time. They really have such great hearts, and are so easy to give love and to forgive.

Before church on Sunday we were talking to EmmaJane about how important it is to love everyone just like Jesus did. We talked about a girl in her class that was a little handicapped. We talked of ways she could be nice to her and help her feel loved. Later that day after church, someone stopped me in the hall. They said that "EmmaJane had sat next to this girl and held her hand. And that she was being so sweet with her and had been taking care of her."

Kids really are the best examples of Christ...Now, if I could only remember that and those precious moments when they start fighting or hitting each other...


Crazy Lady said...

EmmaJane has always been a sweet and special little girl, how cute.

great quote,

which books have you read? thanks for the post.

ajensen said...

I loved this Court. You are really an amazing woman and you and Carl are raising such good hearted kids. I have always loved the way you have taught them to share.

I was thinking about that book you told me they wrote that you loved. can you tell me the name again so I can order it....

Kira =] said...

Such a sweet example! Yes, if only we could remember that when we are reaching the end of our rope. Cuddles, kisses, taking off our grumpy pants, and turning around to change our attitude have been big helpers in our home.

I just started reading one of their books- 5 Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges. Which ones have you read?

Courtney said...

The books were "5 Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges", "The Entitlement Trap", A Joyful Mother.