Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to Life... Back to Reality

Isn't it always hard to go back to school after Christmas break? We had such a nice break with Carl home. It was hard to see him go, but I am grateful that we got another day already. Thanks MLK!

This past week Carl went to Vegas with a group from school to see the Consumer Electronics show. While he was gone, all 3 of my kids threw up in a 24 hr period. It all started at Wendys. We met Anna (Carl's sister) and her kids to get some Frosty's. Emma Jane ate like a spoonful, and then 10 minutes later showed it to all of us on the carpet at Wendy's and in the bathroom. Poor girl, so we left. Later that night June started, and while she was up, CJ started. And, CJ had been sleeping in my bed. Yep. Fun stuff. Then, I was woken up in the morning by EmmaJane yelling "June is throwing up!"

The kids always seem to get sick when Carl goes out of town. They didn't recover fully for a couple of days, so we watched a LOT of movies since we were mostly home bound. By the time Carl got home, I was ready to hand the kids over and run! :)

Things have died down...thankfully! Today was our dog Mabel's birthday! She turned 10 today! She is the oldest Bulldog my family has had. She got spoiled with tons of treats by the kids and had an extra yummy dinner. And, now, she can't stop tooting. :( I will guess we will let it slide today Mabel.
Junnie, Little Miss Stander.
If you can't tell, she is standing in this picture. Gone are the days of no mobility. Little miss thang started crawling this week, and she already knows how to take everything out of my purse.
And I just had to post this picture I took of CJ at Anna's house. Who doesn't love masks?

I will have to take pictures of CJ and Emma Jane's new haircuts later.


rozanny said...

I love the picture of June standing in her crib! So cute.

ajensen said...

june looks SOOOO different from the last time you posted a picture of her. WOW> What a cute girl she is. very beautiful!

Cant wait to see you...less than 2 weeks!

Lindsey said...

Love ALL the pictures!!! June looks soo old and so fun! So does CJ and I can't wait to see picts of EJ's new haircut! xoxo

bro said...

Cute haynie baby, sorry throw up