Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our newest playroom toy

So I was visiting my sister in Atlanta and we took the kids to IKEA, because we love IKEA. We let the kids play in the kids section and came across these rings that hang from your ceiling. (Who didn't wish as a kid to have something you could swing from like Tarzan inside your home?) And for only seven bucks!?! Couldn't pass it up. So, I bought them and put them up.
Emma Jane is in heaven. And CJ wants to be like her so he at least gives it a sporting try.
Swinging on them wasn't enough for EmmaJane so she brought her chair over, hopped up on it and started swinging from that. Then she moved to the slide. It got even better when dad got in the way, so she could bowl me over. Here's some videos of the two tatterdemalions.


Lindsey said...

That looks soo fun. What a fun dad you are to put those up. They look like they are having a blast. So cute!!

Abbie said...

Hey Court!!
It's Abbie. How are you?! I got your blog from my dad. I started one up a while ago, but never did anything with it, so here I am with no clue on what to do to one.
I really like all these blogs, I can keep up with the fam from afar :)