Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We just had such a wonderful weekend visiting with friends and strengthening my testimony of Jesus Christ! We are trying to make an Easter tradition of doing egg hunts and easter baskets on Saturday, and then, on Easter, we focus on what Easter is all about. Today was just a wonderful day! We went on a walk, and then, after that, we had an Easter lesson with the kids. They enjoyed opening eggs that had Easter pictures in them of Jesus on the cross, in Gethesame, and the empty tomb (and each had two skittles, so that made them extra fun to open).

Anyway, I was surprised how much the kids got out of it. After naps, Emma Jane woke up before CJ, and she told me all about Easter. How "Jesus died for her"; how "he came back to life"; that "Jesus loves her"; that "Jesus died so we could all be together." It was precious to hear HER teach ME the lesson. What a sweet moment!

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I am so grateful for all that Jesus did for us. I hope we all can keep the spirit of Easter with us. I hope we can all try to do a little better trying to become like Jesus!
The Kids in their Easter Best

The church Easter Egg Hunt: Not much hunting, just opening.

Seriously, I think each got 3 eggs!
Because as soon as they got an egg, this would happen: drop and open.
CJ of course had to show you that there was candy in the eggs and now it was in his mouth! And, yes, I just gave CJ a haircut b/c he so desperately needed one.
Then, yesterday, we had another egg hunt at our house with some friends. Emma Jane learned her lesson and racked up! As you can see, CJ didn't learn the lesson!


brandon said...

cute! thanks for the photos Court. i was just thinking yesterday how it is wierd that when i stayed with ya'll for that week or so, how Emma Jane was just a little baby.

Lindsey said...

So sweet! I love those pictures and we had so much fun with you guys and your kids. You are doing such a great job of teaching them about Jesus. Such a great example. Love you guys! Hope you caught up on your sleep!!