Friday, April 23, 2010

My New Teaching Discovery

This past month was General Conference (read this talk,5232,23-1-1207-6,00.html for more info; there were several other talks you could look at too), where we get to listen to our prophet and apostles. Anyway, I was struck by often it was talked about teaching your children and how important it was to utilize your time with them. After all, these are the end of days that you hear about from the scriptures, where evil is far worse than Sodom & Gomorrah. Our kids need to be taught the teachings of the gospel like none other.

Anyway, my big new "teaching" time is now STORY TIME. My kids love books. Love books. What kid doesn't! It is the only time they will sit down and listen for an extensive period of time. Anyway, I just realized that I was missing out on a great teaching time. We love all the Dr. Suess books, but we are setting aside "Green Eggs & Ham" for a time. I have started collecting books about stories from the scriptures or stories about sharing or being a good helper. And, TO MY GREAT EXCITEMENT, the kids like them just as much. Now, Emma Jane love Jonah an the Whaaale and CJ loves the Veggie Tales' book about "God being bigger than the boogie man and how he's watching out for you and me". Anyway, this little experiment has been great. I am just sad that I hadn't realized it until now.


Lindsey said...

Great idea. Seriously, I agree. I need to round up my church books. Miss your cutie pie kiddos!!

brandon said...

such a good idea, you'll have to tell me which ones are kosher for when i have kids.

Nancy Jo said...

Emma Jane and CJ look so cute in their pj's. Can't wait to see them again!