Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sun, Then Snow

Yesterday, we had beautiful 75 degree weather. Yes, I will repeat: 75 degree weather! It was heavenly! I was even hot wearing a skirt and short sleeve shirt. I couldn't believe it! Of course, it is currently raining, and it is supposed to SNOW in the morning--with a high of 39 degrees! Crazy how it can drop almost 40 degrees! Good bye springtime weather! It was fun while it lasted, and we hope to see you real soon! Here are some of our memories together:
Feeding the Ducks at the pond. CJ especially loved chasing any duck that came out of the water. I am just glad they weren't geese, or else he would have been toast!
CJ on his new bike. We found it at a consignment shop at a steal of a deal ($20), and since he was with us and wouldn't get off of it at the store, we decided to give it to him as an early birthday present since his bday is in a week!
He was so proud of himself. It was so cute to see him and Emma Jane riding together--even though Emma Jane probably did 3 laps around the pond to every lap he did. He even would stop and restart all on his own...which he couldn't do at first. And, of course, Mr. Independent wants no help from me, not even a nudge.

And, today, while listening to General Conference, I went to town. I started my spring cleaning by reorganizing Emma Jane and CJ's winter/summer clothes, cleaning out 2 closets, and doing 3 loads of laundry. My back is now telling me that I am 8 months pregnant and will not be allowed to pick things up off the floor for a while b/c it needs a break. And, after naptime, Emma Jane insisted we make this sign for baby June's room. I had told her that she could help me and has been asking about it ever since. So, during the second session of conference, we busted out the supplies and got to work. She was very helpful and even painted the sign red with me. I hung the finished product along with the "JUNE" letters up in the baby's room. Now we just need to make sure to name this baby June, so my work isn't in vain!
Here's the sign me and my helper made!
Don't you just love the red, shag carpet in the baby's room! It actually fits my nursery decor perfectly!

PS- We did wake up to two inches of snow this (Sunday) morning!


brandon said...

your kids are so cute thanks

Lindsey said...

Adorable!! So so precious picts. Love the sign and the cuties riding bikes. so pretty!

Michelle said...

So cute!! Can't wait to see another darling Haynie baby!

Curtsay said...

I love the baby decor!

Nancy Jo said...

I love the baby's room! Looks like you all enjoyed the warm weather. Emma Jane and CJ look so cute! Can't wait to see you!!