Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crazy Times

Nana went home today. Boo hoo hoo. :( I seriously could not have done it without her--especially with Carl gone. She was like the energizer bunny while she was here, so I hope she gets to sleep a ton this week before she heads to LA where my sister is having her baby.
Carl returned from India on Friday! Woo Hoo! It has been AMAZING to have him back. He is the ying to my yang, and I can't imagine letting him go ANYWHERE again! :) So, don't even think about it Carl.
On Sunday, we blessed Miss June since this was the only Sunday we would be back before we headed to Portland on Friday. (By the way, Carl got an internship with Intel in Portland for the summer. We leave Friday and will be back in UT the last week in August. Talk about crazy times!)
Cute little June Belle.
She looked so beautiful in her dress. Thanks Lindsey for letting me borrow Layla's! It fit her perfectly.

By the way, we weighed June yesterday, and she weighed 9 lbs. So, she is growing! :)


Sarah said...

so precious! hope portland is a grand adventure! we (being me, my mom and my hubby) had an in depth conversation about what Carl was doing in India. We probably named every single possibility. haha so, ill just ASK! What was Carl doing in India?? =) p.s your mom usually keeps us updated on you girls, but since yall have kidnapped her for months having babies all over the country we have to get our info straight from the "insert animal"'s mouth. I blanked out on Lindsey yesterday and now you today! I keep thinking it's camel's mouth. HORSE!!! Lord, im losing my brain!!!!!

bro said...

The kids look so happy Carl was back I guess great he got the internship although sounds crazy, don't worry about anything if u can

Courtney said...

Carl had a internship in India. He consulted for a company over there that was trying to expand their business.

rozanny said...

Aren't grandmas/moms the best! I wouldn't know what to do without mine!

Lindsey said...

Soo beautiful in her pretty blessing dress! Love it. You look great and so glad Carl is back! I can see why you want to go with him to Portland! xoxo