Thursday, August 18, 2011

The last week--Yikes!

Well, we are going to be heading back to UT a week from today. We are in the midst of packing, cleaning, and selling our furniture. The last one is the hardest. We want to get some $ out of it, so we have to do it ahead of time to get $ back without having to drop the price drastically but not sell it too early causing us to be uncomfortable. We already sold our bed and couch. Someone is picking the bunkbeds up on Tues. Our glider goes on Monday. Our desk is getting picked up tomorrow. We still have to sell our TV, dining table/chairs, and coffee tables/side tables. Then, on Wednesday, we are packing up the cars, and checking into a hotel, so I can clean the apartment...and, then we head out on Thursday morning. Wish us luck.

Cj's one smart kid these days. Example: We just got home from running errands (June is starving and screaming). I am trying to get everyone out of the car & into the house. EmmaJane gets out, but CJ stays in his seat.
Me: "CJ, please, get out of the car."...wait...wait..."CJ, please hurry. Don't you hear June screaming."...wait...wait. "CJ...hurry."...wait...June's still crying..wait..."CJ, I'm going to count to 3...1...2..Then, CJ quickly gets out of the car, and says, "Mom, I love you." Instantly, this changes my tone, and I reply, "I love you too."
He has been pulling this "I love you" card all the time. Anytime, he does something wrong or he doesn't listen and I get the slightest tone of annoyance. What can you do with that? He even pulled it on Carl today, but carl wasn't fooled. He just told him that he can't say "I love you" every time he does something wrong...CJ still knows it gets me every time.

And here's some pics:
June--almost 4 months
Doesn't she look like she's just going to be trouble?
Seriously, this little ma'am is so smiley. You can't even look her direction if you are trying to put her to bed b/c she will flash you the biggest grin. Now, if only she would take 2 naps during the day, but at least she is a happy girl, right?


AJordan said...

She's getting so big! I can't believe it. Can't wait to see her!

Carl said...

I already called to sleep on the dining room table. I think we will put Emma Jane and CJ on the side tables and hope they don't fall off. Courtney, you always saying how relaxing the bath is.... jus' saying.

Man, I can't believe we're done. Inside I feel like the child kicking and screaming because he doesn't want to go back to school. How depressing. Back to job searching while the economy takes a free fall on the roller coaster ride.

bro said...

didn't realize you are doing 13 miles. I have only ran that far 4 times before. good luck, sounds fun.

ajensen said...

I would be kicking and screaming too!:) I hate missing so much of all these cute kids' lives. It kills me. I just love all of your kids so much.

rozanny said...

She is SOOOO cute! And I can't believe she's 4 months! So fast! And who's running the half marathon? You or Carl? Either way... way to go!