Monday, August 1, 2011

On our last month in OR

We are on our last month in OR. We leave on the 25th...not that I am counting or anything :). I don't know why I am that excited to go home, but I am. Carl is going to be super busy with school, consulting club, interviews, job searching, conventions, etc, but I am still excited to come home. Although it has been "interesting" and educational to explore OR and am grateful for our highest temp of 80 degrees, there is something about being home with friends and family close that is so comforting.

Here are some pics from our latest adventures:
We went to Arch Cape Beach the weekend before last, and it was great! The kids found tons of starfish, crabs, and shells.
The kids loved digging. I brought some of there small figurine toys and they dug for "treasure". They had a blast discovering the toys in the sand.
This was June & I's first beach trip. It is a little under and hour and a half drive. It was pretty windy, so she was bundled up. Don't you just love a bottle on the beach?
We have done TONS of "school" while we have been here...mainly b/c we have been inside a lot due to the rain, but the kids are getting great with their letters and EmmaJane can finally write her name instead of EJ.

And here are the lastest of June, the 3 month old:
Ready to go out on a cool day!
June all ready to party at church!
June just chillin' at the pool.
Emma Jane and CJ trying to make June happy by giving her their animals.
A little sister cuddle time!
June in her first pair of jeans.


Crazy Lady said...

love all those pictures and june's outfits and expressions, so awesome! keep em coming :)

poo on oregon. who needs em?

Nancy Jo said...

Loved seeing all the pictures! June is darling! Great writing Emma Jane! Glad you are doing school!

Carl said...

June looks different in every one of those pictures. She's growing quickly right now.
I, on the other hand, do not look forward to going back. I like getting paid, mild weather, beaches and getting off at 5pm. But.... you've always been a glutton for punishment;^) Can't wait to go back to "Happy" Valley!

Lindsey said...

Yay for new pictures!! Love them all. June is soo darling. Love the beach pictures and glad you are on countdown!!

rozanny said...

Way cute! Especially Emma Janes note!

bro said...

cute, kind of looks like ceej

Carl Haynie said...

Love to see pix. We miss you guys. We went by the house the other day and it was so lonesome. We will be so glad to have you back. Mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

little June is breaking my heart… so precious. She looks so excited about her first pair of jeans, too :)