Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Visit from Avery

Our dear friends--Courtney, Judd, and Avery--were in town today, and we had so much fun hanging out with them! Avery is Emma Jane and CJ's best friend. They really were so excited to see her!
At the BYU Creamery, the kids were "All Cheers" for ICECREAM!

There's always room for 3 on a seesaw, right?

And, Emma Jane the Climber. Man does she love to climb things.

Did I mention we have 2 horses a block and a half away from our house?

And, we have now learned the art of feeding the horses. They love apples and carrots. The horses belong to someone in our church, so we usually make a visit every other day.

And we just had to take Avery there! After all, who doesn't love horses! I know I do!


Nancy Jo said...

That is so fun that Avery got to visit! Pretty horses. The kids look like they are enjoying UT.

Lindsey said...

Is Avery from AL?? The horses are so pretty. I always am amazed how pretty Utah is! Thanks for the picts. So cute!

brand said...

Cute kiddos. Funny ch wanting to be like ej and hold cat. Surprised dogs aren't crazy with cat in house

Courtney said...

Oh, they are. Cat is not allowed in house. Kids just thought it was a good idea. :) Funny.