Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Fun of Today

Before my soccer game, we went to the park to kill some time and to work on Emma Jane's climbing skills. Man, she's good.

CJ, the less adventurous climber...who eases my fears. It is nice to have ONE cautious climber in the family.

Emma Jane LOVES these things. She likes that they are kind of "tricky". I think she feels like she defeated it or conquered it.

These kids were so cute while mom was playing. They had a blast with dad. (sorry it is kind of blurry.) They were really getting into playing soccer. It was so cute.

CJ showing off his MAD soccer skills. "See, I can even dribble with my hand behind my back." :)


rozanny said...

I didn't know you liked soccer! Jer's obsessed and puts together games with people in the neighborhood...

Lindsey said...

What neat playgrounds!! EJ is awesome!! I am so jealous you are playing!! So fun!