Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Wonderful World of Dinosaurs

So, we are TOTALLY in a dinosaur phase at my house! Both kids love all things dinosaurs--especially CJ. My sister, Brooke, randomly got CJ a small stuffed dinosaur, and he has been carrying it around ever since! He requires that he sleeps with it at naptime and bedtime, and a lot of sadness occurs when we have misplaced it. It even has replaced his infamous "Aubie", his stuffed elephant, that he has been sleeping with for almost 2 years.
We have watched this movie, a classic from my own childhood, about half a dozen times. We have also watched a few of the poorly made sequels since there are like 20, but my kids have been loving them! They are always talking about "sharp tooth" and "little foot."
Then, we found this book at the library--Dinosaur Roar! We have read it so much that Emma Jane has it memorized and can read it to CJ. They even have started fighting over who gets to pick it as "their" book before naptime. I am pretty sure we have read it over 20 times, and we have only had it a week and a half. Gotta love those dinosaurs.


Crazy Lady said...

the other dinosaur books i love do dinosaurs clean their rooms, go to bed and give hugs or kiss is the cutest one but can't remember exactly what its called...but its in that series.

shoot, i'll see if i can find another one too just in case he loses it

bro said...

Cute, I thought ceej was scared of em.

Lindsey said...

So cute!! I saw dinosaur train on t.v. and the paleontologist today and thought of you guys!

Nancy Jo said...

That is so fun that they like that together! I am shocked that CJ likes the dinosaur more than Aubie! Amazing! Hope you are all feeling better soon!

rozanny said...

When you watched Ada the other day... she loved whatever dinosaur movie that you had playing... She sees your house and talks about how her friends live there and they watched dinosaurs with her.