Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Little Helper

My sister Brooke is awesome about having her kids help in the kitchen. She lets them cut vegetables, make sandwiches, etc. She is just really good about teaching her kids to be independent and help out. So, I finally invested in a good step stool for the kids, so they can access the sink and countertops easily to help out. So far, it has been a hit! Now, I just need my kids to stop playing in the sink and getting into the cupboards now that they can reach them!
My little helper with her cute apron her Aunt Amber made her for Christmas!
Emma Jane helping me with Banana Bread.
I measure. She pours and stirs.

An added perk of this stepstool is I can finally reach the top cupboards without having to climb on the countertops. It is not a pretty sight when you are 7 months prego! I am not that graceful! :)


brandon said...

too cute!

Nancy Jo said...

What a great helper! I need one of those around. Love the pics! You look great Courtney!

Sarah said...

I am in love with Emma Jane's apron! I have been wanting to make one for Olivia, and I think I just found my motivation!