Sunday, February 13, 2011

EmmaJane's 4!!!

Emma Jane turned 4 today! That sounds old! I can't believe it! We are so lucky to have you in our family! Seriously, you make our home such a happy place! We love you! Here are 4 things you might not know about Emma Jane:
1. She loves to mother; she became a big sister at 14 months & has been Miss Helper ever since!
2. She LOVES little figurines! I mean loves! It doesn't matter what it is--a horse, a fish, a cow, whatever! Anything small--she loves!
3. She loves books. She will snuggle up next to anyone who is reading a book to her!
4. She is a climber. She has a gift. She loves to climb anything and is pretty impressive!
At her playgroup party!

This is what happens when your kids are sick the week before a holiday or birthday--you make too many decorations, and I didn't even show you the playroom or dining room!
We played pin-the-heart on cupids arrow, and I was pretty impressed with myself for drawing this. :)
At her party!
On her date with Grandma on Friday. She got to pick out a toy, go to the pet shop, and go out to eat. What a lucky girl!
Emma Jane got way to many gifts from all her family both near and far. Thanks so much! It is so fun to be loved and have such great family!
Emma Jane with her Tangled cake! She was so excited about the Tangled figurine on top. She didn't even eat 2 bites of her cake before she said, "I'm done. Can I go play with Tangled?"
And last, there was a big Haynie extended family gathering tonight that happened to be on her birthday, so we brought a cake. This time she picked out "Hello Kitty" since Aunt Anna had given her some tiny Hello Kitty stuffed animals that she fell in love with.

What a weak of being spoiled! Happy Birthday Emma Jane! We love you!


Carl said...

She is really fun to have around. I love the way she gets excited. Several times today she started shaking she was so excited and would then jump around thanking everybody. Her euphoric state was so cute to watch. Happy Birthday!

Nancy Jo said...

Loved all the pictures!! It made us feel a part of the celebration! Emma Jane is so cute. So glad she had such a great birthday! We love her!

brandon said...

thanks for photos, old, sorry i didn't call, liked the photo of her opening presents

Lindsey said...

Cute pictures. She is beautiful. Love all the decorations and cakes! So fun. We miss you! xoxo

chadnsyd said...

What a darling little angel. I just love Emma Jane.

It looks like she had a lot of partying, how fun. We love you Emma Jane.