Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Magic of Christmas

I'm sick again, but what is new, right? Sickness & all, we had a great Christmas. Christmas morning was pretty dang fun. The magic of Santa woke us up. Emma Jane ran into our room saying, "Santa came! Santa came & look at all the presents he brought." The kids were almost too excited to wait to open their presents so mom & dad could get dressed and brush their teeth, but they somehow held off a few minutes. They loved opening all their presents and wanted to play with each one before opening another. We were probably the impatient ones trying to hurry them along, but they were just so excited.

The highlight was the Wii system! The kids and dad love playing with it! We have already had a couple of karaoke battles and dance parties using the Wii! You can also see the train table that CJ got for Christmas! He spent most of the day playing with it!
My favorite part was that my brother made a last minute trip. We were all so sad to see him go back home yesterday. The kids had such a blast playing with their Uncle Brandon. They kept trying to coax him into not leaving, but when they realized he had to go, Emma Jane made sure to make him promise to come back and visit. We miss you already!
This is the car that Emma Jane got for Christmas!
This is the one that CJ got...never mind the colors. But, he doesn't care! He has been riding his more than Emma Jane has been riding hers. He doesn't care how cold it is. He just LOVES driving it around!


Nancy Jo said...

Love the pictures! Your kids are so cute- it makes me miss them. Hope you are feeling better.

rozanny said...

Cute! I'm glad Christmas was fun... and I'm hoping your third trimester comes without sickness!

Lindsey said...

Yay!! So glad it was a great Christmas. Glad you guys got a wii! Kids look so cute and happy. So glad two of our siblings were together for Christmas!! Hope you feel better soon!